San Viano ring route

The circular route starts from Vagli Sopra along the path 177 which goes up to Campocatino, an ancient site punctuated by what were the shepherds’ huts who brought their flocks here to graze, and from where there is a spectacular view of the Vagli lake and the Monte Roccandagia.

Campocatino and Vagli Lake
Campocatino and Roccandagia

Heading towards the SE we take the CAI path 147 and begin our walk towards the Hermitage of San Viano.
At the crossroads between the path 147 and the Hermitage we descend until we reach a large rock from where we can see the Hermitage.
Visited the Hermitage we can take in the direction E the old route that was used by the inhabitants of Vagli Sopra to go in procession to San Viano and that descends directly towards the Arnetola Valley.
Once on the road we return to Vagli Sopra along the NE direction.

Junction 147-San Viano
Hermitage of San Viano

For those who want to extend the ring there is the possibility of returning to the junction 147-San Viano and, after passing a short equipped section, continue towards Passo Tambura up to the intersection with ath 35.
From here you follow the path downhill and past the quarries take the Arnetola Valley for the path 31-35 until reaching the road and then Vagli Sopra.

Arnetola Valley
Arnetola: Abri hut

Travel time: 2-4 hours

Difficulty: Trekking