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Altri Passi Guides

The Association Altri Passi is an Association of Trekking and Environmental Guides, for the dissemination of educational forms and responsible tourism in the Apennine National Park and in the UNESCO MAB Reserve

[T] +39 3385478437
[W] www.altripassi.org
[E] fabrizio.silvetti@altripassi.org
[FB] Altri PASSI

La Pietra Guides

Guide Alpine, mountain professionals, propose activities on techniques to safely tackle all the disciplines that are practiced in the mountains, and accompany you in climbing, skiing and hiking

[T] +39 3472791710
[W] www.guidelapietra.com
[E] pietro@guidelapietra.com
[FB] Guide Alpine La Pietra


Alpstation Bismantova is the reference of the area for mountain enthusiasts. The store is supplied with clothing, footwear and Montura equipment and Mountain Bike rental

[T] +39 0522 810368
[W] www.montura.it/alpstation
[E] bismantova@alpstation.it
[FB] Alpstation Bismantova


BikelabD&B is a shop that can provide you with everything that revolves around the world of cycling, Mountain Bike and E-Bike, Road and Gravel, technical clothing and rental

[T] +39 3923188772
[E] bikelabdona@gmail.com
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