From the Apuan Alps to the Apennines

Our Itineries..

Ancient streets crossed by Pastors, Poets, Armies and Saints, now become Trekking and in Mountain Bike, Horse or motorized vehicles like Quad or Off-road, to discover History, of the Culture, of Food and Wine.
Paths that join the area of Vagli Park in Garfagnana to that of CastelNovo Resort in Emilia Romagna, united by a passion for the mountains and love for the land

Vagli Park Area

Itineraries in the heart of Garfagnana, in the area between Vagli Sotto and Campocatino, and on the mountains that overlook the lake, between amusement parks and accommodation facilities for every need ..

Trans-Apennine Crossings

Crossings that unite Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, which allow you to discover the cultural and gastronomic diversity, as well as the landscape, crossing two mountain ranges ..

CastelNovo Resort Area

Enogastronomic and natural history and excellences characterize the itineraries of this area, within the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and of the Unesco MAB area ..

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The Activities we propose ..

In the areas of Vagli Park in Toscana and CastelNovo Resort in Emilia, we offer Outdoor activities that can satisfy every need of those who choose our places as a destination for their holidays.
Recommended or accompanied by qualified Professionals in search of Unexpected and indelible emotions, to leave in you the nostalgia of the possibilities that our territory offers.


Walking in the nature of these two areas, so different in their environmental peculiarities, is an experience that can satisfy the needs of


Routes, simple excursions, up to multi-day mountain bike tours, activities that are easy for those who do not practice regularly

Cycling tourism

Traverse between the two areas or ring routes for individuals or groups, supported by a means of assistance, through itineraries of rare beauty

Quads e Off-Roads

Crossings and excursions with Quads or off-road vehicles through mule tracks and sheep tracks.
Also the use of motor vehicles, when allowed and ges

Climbing and Equipped Routes

Climbing is an activity suitable for everyone, from children aged 5 to adults.
The Stone Guides will accompany you in your pri


Canyoning is an “aquatic” excursion, you can walk on foot in a unique environment in the Apennines, thanks to the supplied neoprene wetsuits


When winter comes to whitewash the Apennines and the Apuan Alps, move with snowshoes in the woods, in a hushed atmosphere, in compag

Horses Tours

Crossing the territory riding a horse is an experience to experience ancient sensations, in a sustainable and natural way, accompanied l