Proposed activities


Walking in the nature of these two areas is an experience that can satisfy the needs of trekkers of any level. From simple walks to expert hikers, to multi-day trips.


Itineraries, simple trips, up to multi-day mountain bike tours, activities ranging from easy to more demanding. Excursions that can also be made with the use of E-Bike with pedal assistance, accompanied by professional guides ..

Cycling tourism

Cross between the two areas or ring routes for individuals or groups, supported by a means of assistance, through itineraries of rare beauty.
To follow paths made of Culture, History and the best of Hospitality and Enogastronomy that the territory offers ..

Quads e Off-Road

Crossings and excursions with Quads or off-road vehicles through mule tracks and sheep tracks.
Even the use of motor vehicles, when allowed and managed with awareness can reserve unforgettable experiences in nature …

Climbing and Equipped Routes

Climbing is an activity suitable for everyone, from children aged 5 to adults. The via ferrata is a route where safety is guaranteed by a steel cable that follows us from the start until the arrival ..


Canyoning is an “aquatic” excursion, you can walk on foot in a unique environment in the Apennines, thanks to the neoprene wetsuits provided you can also enjoy the part of diving jumps and natural slides carved into the rock..


When winter comes to whitewash the Apennines and the Apuan Alps, moving with snowshoes in the woods, in a hushed atmosphere, in the company of the Guides, allows you to experience unspoiled nature with safety ..

Horses Tours

Crossing the territory riding a horse is an experience to experience ancient sensations, in a sustainable and natural way, accompanied along routes on the routes connecting the history of these lands ..